Iain Hamilton Grant „Die Natur Der Natur“

New Book

Finally, the new book „Die Natur der Natur“ with amazing texts by philosopher Iain Hamilton Grant translated into German (by me) is here! A mix of anti-oedipal futuristic theory fiction, rigorous philosophical analysis, Hegelian Prose, Schellingian Speculation and Deleuzian Madness encompassing the bus of all existence, fluxes, black sand, the Idea, natural science and the end of the universe; all animated by a transcendental volcanism.
A book, not only relevant for those interested in Speculative Realism or for Schelling Scholars, but for all curious to see truly original philosophy in action, crossing the boundaries between disciplines. The volume assembles texts, that highlight the thematic or problematic core of Grant’s unique Naturphilosophie – the Idea or Unground – as well as an introduction into Grant’s inflationary naturalism by me and marvelous Armen Avanessian.

Find it here!